El Puente Hispanic Services Center is the bridge that provides bilingual assistance to the Latino population in an effort to build a stronger community by investing in families, adults, and children in several areas of service. Some of these areas are already established and some will be coming soon as resources allow.

Identification Cards
El Puente offers a membership identification card that is verified with a document from the client's native country, such as birth or marriage certificate, driver's licence, voter registration card, or other government issued ID. If a client has no documents, two witnesses are needed for verification purposes. These cards are obviously not issued by the government and are solely a membership to El Puente. The ID is accepted to identify yourself when requested by various offices and organizations.

Interpreters will go to any appropriate setting where translating is needed. Interpreters interpret for Spanish speaking clients needing assistance or English speaking professionals needing to communicate a message in Spanish. Interpreters can be scheduled by calling the El Puente office during normal business hours.

El Puente will translate documents of any kind. Translation occurs from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English.

Document Assistance
El Puente is able to assist clients by preparing any needed document or letter, or by allowing use of an office computer so that the clients may prepare the document or letter themselves.

Healthcare Referrals
El Puente refers clients to various health care service providers and income-based clinics in the Searcy area depending on the client's needs.

Counseling Referrals
For clients who may find themselves or other family members in need of counseling services, El Puente refers clients to appropriate local counselors with affordable rates.

Job Referrals
Employers seeking workers are encouraged to submit job openings to El Puente, and clients seeking a job are encouraged to identify themselves with the center. Clients seeking work will complete a form that indicates their skill set, which is helpful in locating work for clients. Employers will provide all relevant information for a job on a separate form, which allows us the ability to find the right person based on the applications the employee and employer have completed.

El Puente will assist individuals and families in need of temporary or permanent housing in their search for apartments or homes for rent or for sale.

Notary Service
El Puente provides notary service to clients with photo identification and is able to notarize most documents requiring such.

Selective Service
El Puente will help young men register for Selective Service upon their 18th birthday. The Selective Service System is an independent agency of the United States government that maintains information on those potentially subject to military conscription. Most male U.S. citizens and male immigrant non-citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 are required by law to have registered within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Registration for Selective Service is also required for various federal programs and benefits, including college financial aid, job training, federal employment, and naturalization.